#256 Ryan Adams ..... Gold



I first heard this album in 2001. I fell in love with it from the first song "New York, New York" . Songs about New York were nice to hear in 2001 with the 911 wounds so fresh. It got got my attention, and set the tone for the album. 

  Adams is a really good songwriter. I would call this music Americana with a tilt toward Country. Some people call it alternative Country. His voice isn't particularly great, but every song seems to have the perfect accompanying element whether it's a slide guitar, or a female backing singer. It's not predictable. One song may have strings, and a big sound, and the next song May have the drummer playing with muted sticks.

 The album is very long. 21 songs. It's difficult to listen to all 21 in one sitting. It makes for a disjointed listen. Sometimes less is more.

  My biggest complaint about the entire album is the cover. It has an upside down American flag on it. I didn't know that until today. My old copy must have been a P to P download.

  Adams said he Really isn't a fan of our Country. He has some other socialist political ideas for us. Regardless. If you can't appreciate that you won the lottery by being born, and living in this country I say screw you. Your music is great, but I would never sit down, and break bread with you.


I give this album 3.5 stars out of 5



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