#245 Audioslave....self titled

Released 2002


One of the better supergroups  ever in rock in my opinion. Chris Cornell merges with the musicians from Rage Against the Machine. Tom Morrello and company need a big voice that won't get lost in that big Rage sound. Cornell has it. 

  Cornell is not as angry as Zach de la Roche , but really how long can a fan follow that kind of anger unless they are deranged?

  It's obvious that Cornell brought some of his own songs to the album. His songs sound much different that the songs Morell wrote. I'm a big fan of Morell , and generally I like his hard driving, crazy sounding riff songs better than the guitar strumming Cornell songs. However I don't think an entire album of Morells songs are sustainable with this band.

  It's a very good, hard rockin album.


I give this album 4 stars out of 5

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