#244 Creedence Clearwater Revival....Bayou Country

Released 1969


I really don't know if I have heard a CCR song I don't like. I have never listened to one of their albums because I have always considered them more as a "hits" type band. 

   All of the songs on this album are solid. They generally follow the same formula. The band plays an almost metronome style beat behind John Fogerty who just explodes vocally, and with his guitar solos. Real hard driving swamp rock.

Born on the Bayou is my favorite CCR song. It's also the swampiest song on the album. I love that tremelo guitar intro. 

Fogerty wasn't trying to change the face of music as the Beatles were doing at the time. He just wrote straight forward, back to basics, ass kicking rock and roll. 


I give this album 4 stars out of 5. 

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