#241 Stevie Wonder ..... Inervisions

Released 1973


Higher Ground. Living for the City. Don't you worry bout a thing.......

Classic Stevie Wonder songs on this album. All written, and recorded nearly 100% by him . Unheard of back in 73. Oh. And he produced it. A blind guy working one if those mammoth 1973 boards.???? The guy is a genius. 

  My only wish is that he would have allowed an outside musician, or two. Sometimes the songs are almost too slick. Especially the ballads. 

  Living for the City is such a heartfelt song. Probably my favorite Wonder song. 

  I'm still not sure how he got that much sound out of his keyboard on higher ground. Even after having seen hI'm perform it live on TV many times.


I give this album 3.5 stars out of 5


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