#240 .... Neil Young .....tonight's the night

Released 1975


Two of Young's close mates had just died from drug overdoses. Young gathered some musicians in the studio, and recorded this raw record in one evening as legend has it. 

  As I have aged I enjoy drama less, and less. This album is full of drama. The difference is this is not just drama for dramas sake. He tries to educate people about how these were just regular guys, and it happened to them. 

   I like the way the album is recorded. It sounds live at times. He even calls out a solo for Nils Lofgren at some point. The speed with which it's recorded shows that Young was a very prolific song writer back then. It also shows he can arrange a song very quickly. None of these songs are throw aways. Only a few are masterpieces. All are good.


I give this album 3.5 stars out of 5

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