#239 The English Beat.... I just can't stop it

Released 1980


  My favorite Ska album. As I listened today I realized this is more complex than I had been giving it credit for. Sure. I always knew this was a great dance record. But there is more. The instruments, and vocals are always working seperatly from each other. More like a Beach Boys song than a Led Zeppelin song. I love Zeppelin. Nobody has ever played with that kind of power. But that is almost God Given strength. The stuff on this album took hours, days, weeks to painstakingly put together like a puzzle. And the to have it come out sounding like a dance band in a garage is genius. 

   I have a lot of great memories of this album. I think it is the perfect Ska album. And for that reason.....


I give this album 5 stars out of 5

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