#238 Warren Zevon ... Excitable Boy

Released 1978


  I had heard four of these songs prior to today's listen. But the rest was new to me. I had to listen to it 4 times because I loved it so much I was considering giving it 5 stars. Very rare for me. In the end It fell just short only because two of the songs didn't quite match up to the superb story telling in the other songs.

   Zevon is as good of a story teller on this album as you will ever find in Rock, and Roll. Some of the songs are down right macabre in nature. Including the title track about a twisted young man who kills his prom date. Somehow Zevon makes it almost comical. 

 "Roland the headless Thompson gunner" is pure genius. The first virus goes "Roland the Thompson Gunner" the Roland loses his head, and the chorus changes. It really is a smart song, and a very smart album.

   Zevon piano hooks are off the charts at sticking in your head. Case in point "Werewolves of London". I discovered today that Mick Fleetwood, and John McVie played on that song.

  Jackson Browne co produced the album, and he created a very listenable album. I wonder why he didn't do more producing. He really brought out the best in Zevon.


I give this album 4.5 stars out of 5

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