#237 Blondie .... parallel lines

Released 1978


  The band are not great musically. However Debra Harry is fantastic.

She sounds great. Her attitude is contagious, and she writes interesting lyrics.

It works with the band at that time in rock because the whole punk/ new wave thing was going full speed. The times actually called for a very simple approach. It allows Harry room to move, and really dominate the sound. 

 Back in 78 I wasn't sure what to make of D. Harry. She was beautiful, and stylish, and yet she kind of scared me. She was so forward. The song Sunday Girl is about a girl losing her guy because she was too prudish. I just wasn't used to women singing about things like that. Now in today's world this kind of topic by a woman is no big deal.

  It is a good album that has aged well. I even still like the disco tune Heart of Glass. Probably because of the good lyrics, and Harry's style.


I give this album 3 stars out of 5

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