#236 Rush .... Fly by Night

Released 1975


I didn't buy this album until about 1980. Then I drove my parents crazy with it. Geddy Lee's awesome bass riffs shook our house. It was awesome. 

   When I was younger I only listened to 3, or 4 songs on the album. Today I listened to the entire album. I found 3 songs really stood out. The title track, the Snow dog track, and All that I can . All great tracks. The rest are merely good songs with perhaps a moment of great. 

  This is Neil Perts first album with the band which makes it a must have for Rush fans. However it's not an album I have ever been able to put on amongst the average rock fan without them becoming bored. 

   The three tracks I mentioned above will always have a place in my song lists. 


I give this album 3.5 out of 5

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