#233 Neil Young .... On the Beach

Released 1974


  The highly anticipated follow up of Harvest. Young did what he would do many times in the future. He took a left turn, and gave the fans something unexpected. 

   This album is much darker than Harvest. Particularly the last 4 songs. They are not bad songs. The guitar work on the last two songs are brilliant. I would think somebody like Kurt Cobain would have been influenced more by those songs than Harvest.

   Having said that I do think Young took a small step back on this album. It was bound to happen. The first three albums were so excellent.

  I love the songs "walk on", and "for the turnstiles".


I give this album 3 stars out of 5


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Comments (1)

  1. miawootten

    It is for me I would give it four stars out of five. I love the guitar work of all these songs and the dark element in these songs is simply amazing. I loved harvest and was waiting anxiously for its follow up. I am glad to tell you that I am not disappointed. On http://www.topbritishessays.com/uk-superiorpapers-com-review you can find links to all the songs of this album.

    December 26, 2016