#229 the Cars .... Candy-O

Released 1979


In the summer of 1979 I rarely left the house without my cassette copy of Candy-O. I never went to a party without it. I was 16 , and the popularity of the cassette tape was peaking. Everybody had a cassette player, and it was really great to be able to have such a portable, and durable way to carry our favorite music around. When I got to a party I always hijacked the stereo. My music played at most of the parties I went to. 

   This album was a great party album. It was upbeat, and it had simple rhythms. The Cars were a minimalist band. Very few special effects. They preferred to create the effects. Ric Ocasik created a sound where the instruments would communicate, and finish each other's riffs. You might hear a guitar play a high riff, and a keyboard finish the riff on the bottom end. Okasik's vocals sometimes mimicked that formula. It is as if he is answering himself. I think Benjamin Orr has a better voice, but somehow Okasik makes his vocals sound more interesting.

    This is a very solid album. I still love every song except shooby Doo . This album helped keep the radio from being boged down with arena rock which was great, but the Cars were a real shot in the arm to popular music. A back to basics revolution.


I give this album 4 stars out of 5

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