#226 Neil Young ... Harvest

Released 1972


Neil was only 27 when he released this album. How in the hell did he grasp some of the concepts of life he explores on this album so well at such a young age? 

   "Old Man" is right on as I become an older man.

  "The needle, and the damage done" is so raw emotionally. 

  "Harvest" is almost funny if I am grasping the concept correctly. He wants to be the harvest for some woman. 

  "Heart of Gold" is the opposite from what is on the radio today. Most new songs are about sex. Few are about finding a heart of gold.

   This album is generally an upbeat, positive album. Especially for Young's standards. A lot of people really wanted another album just like this from Young. That just wouldn't be young. He is relevant today because he is always trying to do something different, and new on every album. 

  This album is a gem. Young expands his horizons. He starts playing the harmonica more. He includes a full orchestra in a couple of songs. The bass is in the forefront in many songs. His voice is at its best. Strong, and confident. 

  I think he is trying to make amends for "Southern Man" with "Alabama" . It kind of feels forced. 


Great album. I give this album 4.5 stars out of 5.

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