#218 the Beatles..... Sergeant Pepper

Released 1967


My favorite album since 1983. 

  I am hearing things I haven't heard in the past.

New things I heard today:

Paul's bass playing is the glue to the entire thing. He really is a great bass player.

  Ringos drumming on A Day in a life is good enough to put him with some of the best ever. It's heavy when needed, and subtle when needed. Most drummers on people's best of type lists can't do both as well as Ringo.

  I always thought Fixing a hole was a drug song. Now I think it's about making changes in ones life.

   Some of Paul's songs on this album have a different perspective for me now that I'm older. Examples.when I'm 64. She's leaving home, and Fixing a hole.

  George only had one song on the album, and not really a lot of his guitar is featured.

   A day in a life is my favorite song on the album. A Lennon song.

  The Benefit of Mr. Kite, and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds were turds polished into diamonds by George Martin. Both Lennon songs.


I give this album 5 stars out of 5

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