#215 Chris Stapleton..... Traveler

Released 2015


   This was my first listen of this album. I crossed my fingers, and hoped his great voice would not be wasted with bad songs, or bad backing musicians. I am relieved. The album has a couple of attempts at sheer commercial success, but most of these songs are from the heart, and gut. Not flashy crap from the crotch like you hear mostly on the radio.

   The backing musicians seem to play from the gut as well. Stapleton must bring that out in people. I love my some slide guitar.

    The first two songs on the album seem to be attempts at getting radio play. Then he gets down, and dirty. The blues, and Country intersect on this album. Many of the songs are about his whiskey regrets. "Was it 26" is the story of many a young man. Wishing they could have a do over on a year or two in their live. 

    The most powerful songs on the album are the ballads. Especially "Whiskey and you", and "Daddy doesn't pray any more".


I give this album 4 stars out of 5

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