#214 Neil Young......Everybody knows this is nowhere

Released 1969


  Sophomore slump? No! This is Young's second album. It is one of his best. His first album with Crazy horse. They just seem to push him into places nobody else does. Especially on this album. "Down by the river" , and "Cowgirl in the Sun" are two of the greatest studio guitar duels ever recorded. I love the way you can hear different guitars in different ears when you have headphones on. 

   Young should have kept it heavy through the entire album as he did later when playing with the horse ( as he calls them). The heavy songs are the best. Having said that I love the title track, and it's not a classicly heavy Crazy Horse song. 

    The big hit on this album is Cinnamon Girl. It still sounds fresh after all of these years, and all of those radio plays.


I give this album 4.5 stars out of 5



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