#211 Bad Company.....Desolation Angels

Released 1979


    Back in 1979 I went to the record store many times, and picked this album up, carried it around, and then put it back in favor of something else. It was a popular album, and I liked the songs from it that I heard on the radio. 

     Today was my first full listen of the album. This album would be a great record to play in a pool room. That it the vibe I get from it. You don't have to actively listen to it to enjoy it. In fact I wouldn't recommend it. I would make it a passive listen. 

    The songs get in a nice groove, and Paul Rodgers voice sounds great, but there really aren't any spectacular guitar solos, and the lyrics are kind of boring. Not to mention that the rhythm section does little more than keep time.

      I think if I had bought this album in 79 it would have gathered dust.


    I give this album 2 stars out of 5



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  1. jamieibsch

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