#210 The Darkness... Permission to land

Released 2003


It's confession time. I downloaded this album last night.

I thought I would give the first song a quick listen. 

This album kicked so much ass I had to listen to the entire thing.

I had only heard " I believe in a thing called love Pryor to last night.

I knew that song kicked ass, but it is also a bit campy. 

I figured they were one hit wonders.  Nope.

There are 3-4 songs that would have fit very nicely on those old school party tapes.

These songs have so much energy they can't help but to pick up a room.

"Get your hands off of my woman" is an instant classic to me.

There are a couple of throw away songs, but for the most part I love the classic rock feel, and the voice inflection variations.


I give this album 3.5 stars out of 5

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